How are the levels of difficulty determined?

The estimation of the level of difficulty of our hikes is based on several parameters detailed below: 

  • Physical parameter: It takes into account the daily and global differences in altitude, i.e. the intensity of the efforts and their duration over the whole trip.  

  • Technical parameter: It takes into account the nature of the terrain and the quality of the trail (meadows, scree, presence of snow, cables or handrails; narrow, scabrous trail, obvious markings or not). 

  • Logistics parameter: This last one takes into account the possible or conceivable assistance during the stay (transfer of the bags, assistance of a minibus, fallback routes, bivouac, carrying a light or more substantial bag, presence of a guide or not). It also allows us to determine the degree of commitment required or in other words the level of autonomy and experience that you need to have.


We classify our levels of difficulty as follows: 


Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4

Level 1 – Beginner :
Because you have to start at some point, begin learning, take your first steps in activity, and discover the mountain environment. It’s simply an initiation. From 0 to 500m of vertical drop + and –
➡️ From 0 to 500m elevation gain and loss

Level 2 – Elementary :
This is the basic level. Little difficulty, easy terrain, the rudiments are known and identified, the desire is there, now you miss the practice, the repetition, the use and the confrontation with new learning await you, keep you on the alert.

➡️ From 0 to 1000m elevation gain and loss

Level 3 – Amateur : 
By definition, this is the person who practices for pleasure, without profit, who has developed a taste for hiking, who is passionate about it, and who sometimes even cultivates his or her field of activity for pleasure by seeking to improve a little.

➡️ From 0 to 1500m elevation gain and loss

Level 4 – Expert: 
This is the one who knows his practice very well and who can testify of his skills. Trained, knowledgeable, already experienced in some significant experiences, the objective is to perfect his art in practice by multiplying the experiences as often as possible.

➡️ From 0 to infinity in terms of elevation gain and loss 

Remember that the practice of hiking,

whatever the formula, requires minimal or even specific preparation on the part of the practitioners. And we recommend that you pay attention to our advice and warnings on our technical sheets. Appropriate training during the weeks/months preceding the beginning of the hike, as well as careful preparation of your equipment are the guarantee of success and the insurance to spend only good moments in mountains.

Your choice of activity, your adapted and rigorous organization are determining factors and condition the success of your enterprise!

List of hiking trips by level:

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