Hiking | trekking


Hiking | trekking


Randonnée | trek - Tour du Mont-Blanc avec Nuyama. Hiking | trekking with Nuyama.
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Hiking | trekking

Hiking is a sport activity known for its virtues and benefits, both for the body and the mind. The mountain creates by definition a break in the horizon, and much more than a simple topographic accident, it becomes this so particular practice ground which gives to the hike a unique relief. This sometimes extreme environment will exalt passions, the taste for action and conquests for some, or the need for naturalness and authenticity for others. And because the mountain is a source of truth, ideal and knowledge, it will bring about unique and unforgettable emotions, exceptional moments of life and privileged moments.

Very often, the first experience brings its share of discoveries and surprises, contemplation and first learning are on the agenda. In a more insidious way, like a “Kiss Cool” effect, this first time has also nourished a need in itself, it has awakened a desire that must be satisfied and reactivated with each new season. And this is how the multitude of itineraries that are proposed through the Alps will animate your projects, your vacations with friends or family.

“Try it, adopt it!”

“You have to know how to give up in the mountains”. This is a popular adage in the industry, as it has proven to be correct and beneficial in many situations. Making the right decision, making the right choice, is not always an easy exercise, requiring a clever mix of experience, competence and self-control, without forgetting the essential quality of humility. Humility imposes perpetual questions that are necessary in the decision-making process.

In order to help you in your choice of hike, all our trips have a technical sheet which mentions the level of difficulty as well as the particular points to which you should pay attention. It is also up to you to assess your own abilities in order to select the right program! This step is crucial because it conditions the preparation and the progress of your hike.

We highly recommend that you give special attention and care to your physical, technical and logistical preparation. An appropriate training during the weeks/months preceding the beginning of the trek, as well as a careful preparation of your equipment are the guarantee of a success and the insurance to spend only good moments in mountain. Clearly, an adapted and rigorous general organization is a major issue.

Zero risk does not exist in the mountains! The dangers are multiple: Weather, Relief, Altitude, Fatigue, Itinerary, Yourself,… The mountain stays unexpected, and our decision making must, as often as it is necessary, measure the degree of commitment and determine the best conduct to hold. The objective is to reduce the risks and allow the activity to run smoothly.

Beyond the contribution of his cultural knowledge, the presence of a professional is a real “Plus” in the decision-making process, since he brings his expertise acquired throughout his practice.

Mountain hikes must be well prepared in order to anticipate/know/understand the mountain environment, its climate, its environment as well as the weather conditions which can change very quickly.

It is also necessary to know oneself, one’s own capacities and limits, because often, a physical or logistic preparation lack, a bad decision or an unnecessary risk taking can have serious consequences.

Mountain environments are subject to strong limitations (climate, altitude, slope, cold, precipitation, short vegetation period, erosion), forcing plants and animals to adapt to very specific conditions. Prodigious dynamics organize the bubbling life of a complex, rich and constantly changing ecosystem. All the actors of this so particular environment answer to natural laws, to cycles, the organization is precise because here are played balances at the same time fragile and unchanging which must adapt to the wind and the storms.

Let us be privileged and responsible actors, by becoming informed hikers, capable of behaving in the best way. From then on, along the way, the mountain, which is a sometimes extreme environment, will exalt passions, the taste for action and conquests for some, or the need for naturalness and authenticity for others. And because it is a source of truth, ideal and knowledge, the mountain will catalyze unique and unforgettable emotions…

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