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Chamonix - Zermatt : faire la traversée par les sentiers. Chamonix - Zermatt: hiking tour.

Chamonix – Zermatt: all about this trek

When people think of “Chamonix – Zermatt”, they often know of the glaciaire Haute Route. But there’s another, mid-mountain itinerary! This is the “trail version”: a trek at over varied, non-glacial terrain.

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Treks à faire en Europe. The best treks in Europe.

The best treks in Europe

Looking for your new trekking adventures? Discover our top 5 of the best treks in Europe! Whether you are a trek enthusiast or willing to discover new horizons, there is an itinerary for you.

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Gravir le Mont-Blanc, comment bien préparer son ascension ? How to prepare for a Mont Blanc ascent?

Climbing Mont-Blanc; training plan

Reaching the roof of Europe ! A great adventure and a great challenge, mentally and physically demanding. So how do you get ready to climb the highest summit of the Alps?

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Les randonnées à faire à Chamonix - Hiking in Chamonix

Activities in Chamonix

ACTIVITIES IN CHAMONIX got some free time in chamonix ? here are some nice activities Sac léger bivouac Activities to do when you’re staying in…

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Adventure blog Nuyama.

Levels of difficulty – Hiking

How are the levels of difficulty determined? The estimation of the level of difficulty of our hikes is based on several parameters detailed below:  Physical…

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Blog aventure/Adventure blog - Le Col du Passon.

Col du Passon

The anticyclone of January is well in place in the Alps and we are enjoying superb winter days.  Regarding snow conditions, it’s a little more…

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Adventure blog/blog aventure and newsletter Nuyama.

Adventure blog, our newsletter

Blog aventure, notre newsletter :

It’s the outdoor spaces and especially the desire to share them that led us to create the agency in 2019.

Our primary goal is to help you make the most of the extraordinary experience the mountains have to offer. Whether you’re looking to recharge your batteries or challenge yourself physically, we’ve got an activity just for you!

With passion, sharing and confidence as a common thread! 🏔️

NU’YA’MA is the expression of a meeting; the union of people driven by the same deep passion for outdoor activities.A team of enthusiasts above all, made up of mountain and tourism professionals. We define ourselves as an « experience facilitator » : a complete guide for outdoor adventure and escape, but also to self-expression, self-improvement and learning; to understanding the mountain environment and respecting it.

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