High-Mountain activities

Climb Mont-Blanc - 6 days

Climb the summit of Mont-Blanc (4810m), the highest peak in Europe.
From 2190€

Gran Paradiso ascent - 2 days

The Gran Paradiso is a summit at a little over 4000m altitude. Try to climb this summit!
From 655€

Monte Rosa Tour - 4 days

Initiatory trip with Mount Rose as a central point. Objective: climbing several peaks over 4000m!
From 1820€

The Glacier Haute-Route - 5 days

A trans-alpine journey linking by glaciers the two most emblematic peaks of the Alps: Mont Blanc and Matterhorn !
From 1550€

Mont-Blanc ascent - 1 day - Single push

Climb the Mont-Blanc at 4810m of altitude during the day from the Chamonix-Mont-Blanc valley. What a great challenge!
From 2390€


The Vallée Blanche descent, a day of ski touring with a high mountain guide, and many others.