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treks à faire en Europe

Looking for your new trekking adventures? Discover our top 5 of the best treks in Europe! Whether you are a trek enthusiast or willing to discover new horizons, there is an itinerary for you.

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Treks à faire en europe : découvrez de superbes destinations

Treks à faire en Europe : notre top 5 ! The best treks in Europe: our top 5!

Let’s start with one of our favorite treks in Europe: The Tour du Mont Blanc! It is one of the most famous treks in the world but also one of the most beautiful in Europe (and we are not saying that because it’s our everyday playground 😉).

This 170-kilometer trek is a great opportunity to discover stunning landscapes while hiking through 3 different countries: France, Switzerland and Italy.

Get ready to discover picturesque villages, crystal-clear lakes, lush alpine pastures, breathtaking views of the glaciers, snow-capped summits and a broad range of wildlife. Food lovers will also be content, those 3 countries have one of the best specialties in Europe.  You will get have a taste of traditional meals in some of the accommodations.

The Tour du Mont Blanc trek is quite a flexible one. Indeed, there is an option for everyone, you can start the itinerary from different towns, hike through different paths (the classic TMB track or the variant itineraries). There is also a wide range of accommodations from nice hotels to mountain huts, you can just pick the one that suits you the most. It is also possible to do a loop (clockwise or anti-clockwise) or just a one-way tour. More options? Book your trip with a guide to learn everything about fauna and flora, culture and alpine lifestyle. Or pick the self-guided option for more flexibility.

Ready to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc trek? Book your once-in-a-lifetime adventure here.

🥾 Distance: 170 km  🕞 How long: from 6 to 11 days  🥵 Difficulty: medium  🌤Best season: from mid-june to September

GR20 - Corse

If you are looking for a challenging trek, the GR20 is the one! Considered as one of the most difficult treks in Europe, hike through the beautiful Corsica island and discover a wide range of landscapes from North to South. You are in for a 180km adventure!

This well-known hike will not disappoint and provide breathtaking landscapes. From sharp ridge mountains, dense forest, heavenly coves, crystal-clear lakes, majestic waterfalls and pristine pools, immerse yourself in this lush and beautiful wilderness.

The paths will take you to quaint mountain huts, nestled in the mountains. Those havens of peace will welcome you after a long day of hiking. You will be rewarded with delicious traditional Corsican meal. This is also a good time to share with other hikers from all over the world.

The GR20 trek is the real immersion into Corsica Island! The paths will lead you through picturesque villages where you can discover the customs and habits as well as the delicatessen. Fill up your picnic bags with delicious cheese, tasty ham or sweets before heading back on the trails.

Despite its renown, this trek is not an easy one and is quite the adventure. It requires a good physical condition and hiking experience as the terrain is uneven and there are some exposed parts. But do not get cold feet, the GR20 is one of the best treks in Europe, the astonishing landscapes are worth every miles and long hiking days.

🥾 Distance: 180 km  🕞 Time: 16 days max  🥵 Difficulty: for experienced hikers 🌤 Season: from June to October

La Via Alpina - sections. La Via Alpina - stages.

The Via Alpina is an itinerary of approximatively 5000km crossing 8 different countries creating a natural border in Europe.

From Monaco to Slovenia, the Via Alpina goes through France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Italy and Austria, a nice way to discover most of the best treks in Europe. Located in different mountain ranges, this hike is as demanding as it is stunning. Embark for an incredible trip to discover the wide range of european landscapes.

As the Via Alpina has a very long itinerary, it is possible to hike few portions: here are 5 portions of the Via Alpina:

The red itinerary, composed of 161 stages. It is the longest trek of the Via Alpina, but also the main one, that linked the 8 countries. It crosses several times the Alps mountain range to reach Trieste to Monaco via Liechtenstein and Bavaria.

The purple itinerary, composed of 66 stages. You will get to explore the Central Eastern Alps from Karawanken to Allgäu. Discover the Austrian part of the Alps, the traditional chalets, quaint villages, sweet delicatessen as well as impressive mountains.

The yellow itinerary is composed of 40 stages. The best way to hike through Austria and the well-known Dolomites in Italy. Discover one the most glacial European range, alpine pastures, the mix of different cultures and tasty traditional food. It is a good option to admire the most attractive places of the Dolomites.

The green itinerary is composed of 14 stages, it is the shortest format of the Via Alpina. The path crosses Switzerland from its center to the border with Austria via hiking through Liechtenstein.

The blue itinerary is composed of 61 stages. From the Mount Rose glacier, to the Alpes Maritimes, via Switzerland, Italy and France, you will walk on most of the paths of the Grande Traversée des Alpes (GTA).

Treks à faire en Europe. The best treks in Europe.

The Alta Ruta de los Perdidos is the Pyrenean trek to hike in one’s life! Nestled in the Mont Perdu range and Vignemale range (2 of the main Pyrenees ranges), it goes through France and Spain. This multi-day loop trek will take you to preserved and wild areas. Away from civilization, this is a pure immersion into mountain life.  

The path itself is not technical but require good physical condition and experience as it is a demanding one. The itinerary has a great marking and you can always ask advices to the mountain hut hosts.

This is the perfect European trek if you are willing to disconnect and be mind blown by the stunning views such as the Ordesa Valley and Cirque de Gavarnie listed at the UNESCO World Heritage. Discover glacial valley, refreshing waterfalls and crystal-clear lakes. The Alta Ruta is definitely one of the best trek in Europe.

🥾 Distance: 90 km  🕞 Time: 8 days  🥵 Difficulty: medium  🌤 Season: from June to September

Treks à faire en Europe. The best treks in Europe.

The Laugavegur trek is a 70-kilometer long trail is located in Iceland’s Southern Highlands. This trek takes you across unreal scenery made of blue-ice glaciers, active volcanos, lush forests and black ash fields. Hiking along the Laugavegur path is one of the best way to discover this country full of contrasts.  

This trek is suitable for all level of hikers. The path has a good marking and you will find mountain huts all along the way. It is a good option if it is your first time trekking or if you are an experienced hiker.

Nonetheless, it is recommended to prepare your trek by being aware that the weather is changing quite fast and the terrains are uneven. Even during summer the temperatures can drop quickly.

The Laugavegur is by far one of the best trek in Europe if you are looking for wilderness, breathtaking views and unforgettable moments. You will definitely feel like you are on another planet.

🥾 Distance: 70 km  🕞 Time: 6 days  🥵 Difficulty: medium  🌤 Season: from June to September

The treks we chose are arbitrary choices, according to our preferences. But obviously, the beauty of a landscape is contingent to one’s opinion. Feel free to share with us one of your best treks in Europe, leave a comment so we can get inspired for our next adventures.

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Our primary goal is to help you make the most of the extraordinary experience the mountains have to offer. Whether you’re looking to recharge your batteries or challenge yourself physically, we’ve got an activity just for you!

With passion, sharing and confidence 🏔️

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