All about TMB


Since the 1950s, the itinerary  has been reworked many times. Today, it offers a complete route, with homogeneous sections and magnificent landscapes each day.

Tout savoir sur le TMB. All about TMB.

25 000 hikers every summer.

Tout savoir sur le TMB. All about TMB.

Peak traffic from July 15 to August 15.

Tout savoir sur le TMB. All about TMB.

A mountain environment at altitudes between 1000m and 2700m.

The classic route covers a distance of 170km and 10000m of elevation gain.

There are many alternative itinerary for hikers who want to get away from the “classic route” and take on more or less demanding paths.

Which itinerary does the TMB take?

The Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) is a french famous long-distance hiking route (GR TMB). Its international reputation is also growing. The TMB route comprises a loop of 10 sections: 10 days walking around the Mont Blanc range.

The Mont Blanc massif is tri-border, so the route takes in France 🇫🇷, in Italy 🇮🇹 and in Switzerland 🇨🇭. This is a major feature, giving this long-distance hike the flavor of a sporting journey!

elevation gain

When should the TMB be practiced?

The TMB is usually enjoyed from June to September inclusive. It’s during this 4-month period that the TMB’s schedule is at its most convenient. That’s one that promises long, warm and sunny days. It’s also the opening period for the various accommodations and public services available along the route.

The TMB can also be planned outside this 4-month period, but you’ll need to make special arrangements:

  • A pair of crampons, for example, when the snow is still very present.
  • All the equipment you need for a bivouac when accommodation is closed.

All about TMB

All about TMB

What accommodation options are available at the TMB?

Several types of accommodation are available on the Tour du Mont-Blanc:

In mountain huts, in mid-mountain areas

Inns in small villages

In hotels in the more frequented towns and cities

In all cases, we strongly recommend to make meticulous reservations for ensure availability in the accommodation you require.

Sleeping arrangements (in rooms or dormitories), access to public transport and logistical points that need to be anticipated and planned well in advance. All this planning work is essential to prepare your TMB properly.

How to prepare for the TMB?

Tout savoir sur le TMB. All about TMB.

We consider the difficulty level of the Tour du Mont Blanc as “elementary”. The TMB is a rather demanding tour. Some of the sections are long. Our programs include a minimum of six consecutive days of walking, a minimum total distance covered of 95 kilometers and a total of 10000 meters of elevation gain.

Preparation is therefore highly recommended 🙂

To do this, we suggest to plan:

  • Physical training. The quality of your physical condition will determine the success of your hike, as well as the pleasure you derive from it. It’s important to plan regular physical training adapted to your activity. Develop your stamina and endurance with day-long outings of equal or greater difficulty than those planned for the Tour du Mont-Blanc. Diversification of practice environments and training methods will help you build and develop your skills.
  • Logistics. This is an important element that must not be neglected! Our list of “typical” equipment, which will be given to you when you register, will be of great help.

For those of you going off without a guide, here are a few additional tips. Choose a hike at your own level, measuring your physical and technical abilities. Study your itinerary and seek advice from the appropriate organizations if necessary. Be attentive and know how to turn back in case of difficulty or changing weather conditions.

In the event of an accident, take effective action! Stay calm. Analyze the situation.

If you’re not sure about your abilities, your knowledge, the terrain, or how to manage your trek, opt for a guided program.

And above all, always keep smiling!

Tout savoir sur le TMB

We specialize in the organization of mountain stays and activities. We’d be delighted to offer you our expertise and services!

It’s the outdoor spaces and especially the desire to share them that led us to create the agency in 2019.

Our primary goal is to help you make the most of the extraordinary experience the mountains have to offer. Whether you’re looking to recharge your batteries or challenge yourself physically, we’ve got an activity just for you!

With passion, sharing and confidence 🏔️

Adventure is worthwhile!

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