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4 days - GUIDED

Monte Rosa is not a summit, it is a range, a group of many 4000m peaks situated between Italy and Switzerland. Among them, we find the famous Pointe Dufour, highest summit of Switzerland at 4634m, the Breithorn (4164m), one of the most accessible 4000m of the Alps, the famous Castor (4223m) and Pollux (4092m) and many other peaks. We can also find in this massif the highest hut of the Alps, the Margherita hut at 4554m!

Monte Rosa area is a perfect place for mountaineers willing to “taste and try” some altitude glacier ascents. Summits are for most of them technically easy and accessible. The challenge is to get use to the altitude and be able to keep on going. Following the border between Italy and Switzerland, we can enjoy the best of each countries, a sort of alpine cooking tour between rösti and spaghettis!!

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