1 day - skiing

The “Vallée Blanche” is probably the most famous off-piste itinerary in the world! A must to do for every ski lovers!

Starting from the top of Aiguille du Midi cable car at 3842m, you will experience a real immersion in the highest mountains of Europe, a world of glaciers surrounded by incredible peaks and granite needles. Then it’s a 17 km run, mostly on glaciers to reach Chamonix. A unique an exceptional experience!

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About the Vallée Blanche

The Vallée Blanche is a mountain itinerary on glacier. Without being steep, nor technically difficult, you must be able to ski off-piste with changing snow conditions (fresh snow, powder, crusty, windy, hard,…). Depending on the quality of the snow, which can change within a few hours, the difficulty greatly varies.

To fully enjoy this ski trip in the heart of Europe’s highest mountains, we recommend a good skiing level / experience meaning that you should be at least comfortable on the red slopes and have already experiences in off-piste skiing.

The altitude is also an element to be aware of. Skiing in fresh and sometimes dense snow at this altitude requires a very good physical condition. The itinerary also imposes, depending on the snow conditions, a 30 to 40min hike to reach the Mer de Glace cable car and then the Montenvers train, or the “Mottet buvette” when it is possible to ski down to Chamonix.

In the mountains, humility is safety. Do not overestimate your level and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts. The most incredible day of your life can quickly turned into the worse experience ever if you don’t make the right decisions. Our team is committed to help you find out how to have the best ski day possible!

Be aware that in a group there are as many skiers as ski levels. No one will be left behind, so your guide will adjust the day according to the slowest.

The Vallée Blanche is not forbidden to snowboarders. However, the classic itinerary is not very steep and includes long traversing and/or flat sections. Technically easy on skis, these parts require, in snowboard, a very good experience to anticipate and deal with them without having to take off your snowboard (a dangerous thing to do on a glacier).

There are more interesting runs to do in snowboard (Envers du Plan for example) but steeper.

Therefore, we ask for a very good level of snowboarding to do the Vallée Blanche.

There is no age restriction as long as your fitness and ski level allow it! Your guide will/may adapt the itineary if needed and take the necessary time.

It can be interesting and reassuring to do a day of skiing with a guide beforehand to prepare yourself and make sure you’ll get the experience ever!

For children, their level of skiing and their ability to progress off-piste is the most important point. The altitude makes the physical efforts, especially for children under 16 years old, very exhausting. We recommend a minimum age of 13 years old and an excellent ski level (ideally with a previous day of skiing with one of our guides). A minor must be accompanied by a parent for any activity with one of our mountain guides.

In general, we call “high mountain itinerary” all off-piste itineraries during which you evolve under your own responsibility. It is therefore necessary to be able to estimate and manage the risks related to this activity, particularly the choice of the right itinerary, the avalanche risk, crevasse rescue technics, etc…

In the case of the Vallée Blanche, another problem, and not the least, is added: the glacier.

Skiing on a glacier involves more difficult management and route finding (because there are crevasses and specific equipment). The knowledge and experience required are higher to perform this type of route safely.

Just like any off-piste itinerary, especially in the high mountains, the Vallée Blanche involves risks. From avalanche danger to crevasses, skiing the Vallée Blanche means “putting your spatulas” in an environment that is not secured and where you have to accept the risks whether you are accompanied by a guide or not.

Being accompanied by a guide will not make the dangers of the mountain disappear but thanks to his expertise, you will be able to appreciate the beauty of the landscapes while following his instructions. 

A certified mountain guide is not an all risk insurance ! To evolve in the high mountains alone or with a guide, you must be aware and accept the risks related to this exceptional universe from all points of view. 

Our mountain guides are qualified, equipped and trained to provide you with the safest experience possible. They will anticipate any risky situations and deal with most of the dangers for you. This is not to make you feel less responsible, on the contrary, the safety of a group, experienced or beginners, is the business of every member of the group! Your responsibility is to follow the instructions of your guide.

A certified mountain guide is an experts in safety first of course. But they are before that passionate and fascinating persons. Spending a day with them means learning, understanding and sharing the pleasure of being in the mountains!