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What's in my backpack for a Tour du Mont-Blanc?

Tour du Mont-Blanc equipment Packing list summer trek in the Alps Checklist - équipement pour un Tour du Mont-Blanc en trek

Your equipment list to go on the Tour du Mont-Blanc needs to be carefully considered. The tricky thing while hiking in the summer in the Alps is that the temperature can be very hot but also very cold. It can vary from one extreme to the other in a few days.

Keep in mind that when you go to the mountains, you must systematically consider the Hot, the Rain, the Cold. Your backpack must always contain what you need to deal with these three possibilities.

Find below what what we consider to be the appropriate equipment :

◻️  Base Layer Short Sleeves Tops (Synthetic)

◻️  Base layer long sleeves tops (synthetic)​

◻️  Mid-layer top (eg. fleece) or a light down jacket​

◻️  A pair of shorts​

◻️  A pair of long underwear​

◻️  A pair of hiking pants​

◻️  3 pairs of hiking socks (prefer synthetic or merino wool)​

◻️  Waterproof and breathable jacket​

◻️  Rain cap​

◻️  Telescopic walking poles (optional but recommended)

◻️  Lip balm​

◻️  Ultra-light shower kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel/shampoo or soap (can also be used for washing clothes))​

◻️  Synthetic “dry-fast” towel​

◻️  Phone and charger​

◻️  International plug adaptor​

◻️  Rechargeable battery​

◻️  A little washing detergent for hand washing clothes​

◻️  A light pair of gloves

◻️  Cap or beanie

◻️  Sunglasses

◻️  Water bottle or hydration bladder(1,5L)

◻️  Waste bag

◻️  Sun cream

◻️  Pocket knife and fork

◻️  Headlamp

◻️  Rescue blanket

◻️  Small first aid kit (paracetamol, blister prevention/treatment, sticking plasters, etc. bring your personal prescription treatment if you have one)

◻️  Take cash (euros & swiss francs: most mountain huts don’t accept cards)

◻️  Passport or identity card

◻️  Insurance to cover any search, rescue or repatriation costs (take the policy number and emergency

Our tips to get ready

Our tips to get ready

Tour du Mont-Blanc

Hikers with their backpack, summer trek

 TIPS: Remember to distribute the weight inside your backpack and adjust it properly so that it is your hips that carry the weight rather than your shoulders. This tip may seem insignificant at first, but it is essential on multi-day hikes. 


What kind of backpack should I take ?

Recommended size : 30 liters / 40 liters

It should be a rucksack with a waistband to help distribute the weight and help your posture and back, and if you can get one with a chest strap even better. A really helpful extra is a built-in rain cover, although you can buy a waterproof liner bag to fit any rucksack too. 

Boots, best shoes for a Tour du Mont-Blanc

TIP: Go on a trek with shoes that you have already tried beforehand and with which you are sure not to get blisters.


The most important accessory

This is the most important accessory. A comfortable pair of shoes can make all the difference and on the contrary, unsuitable shoes can be a hindrance to your progress or even a reason to give up.

There are many models of walking shoes. Select shoes that offer ankle support and proper waterproofing. Nothing is more unpleasant than walking for hours in shoes soaked by rain or even morning dew.

Changing weather, mountains

Changing conditions

In the mountains, the weather can change quickly. The azure blue sky of the morning can quickly become cloudy, if it is favored by a high altitude wind that brings humid air masses. 

It is also possible that warm temperatures saturate the atmosphere with humidity, which then, favors stormy episodes. It is also possible to face winter conditions, such as morning frosts or the presence of snow from 1800m.

Finally, we can also fear a rainy day and see our temerity rewarded by an unexpected sunny day and a sky that clears completely a few hours later…

Weight / efficiency dilemma

The water bottle, the picnic, the snacks, the camera, the binoculars,… are elements that are added.

A backpack fills up quickly, so it is a question of optimizing the weight/efficiency ratio of the textiles and equipment that you take with you. When backpacking with assistance and transfer of bags, it is much more obvious to minimize the weight of your daily bag. 

Without this assistance, the bags are more consequent, it will then be necessary to consider washing by hand your belongings in order to reduce as much as possible their number.

How to find the right compromise between lightness
and comfort when sleeping in a bivy. ➡️

Any other questions about your adventure around Mont-Blanc?

Depending on the period of the hike, crampons are very useful. We consider that in June & early July, it’s a great accessory to have in your bag.
Naturally, the weather can be quite different from one year to the next. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any doubts.


Definitely yes. If you are sleeping in dorms, a sleeping bag liner is required in all accommodations. If you are sleeping in private rooms in huts, it depends on the huts. 
Since it is very light & small, we recommend taking one with you. 

The entire area has a good supply of drinking water. You’ll pass by various refuges along the way, where you can refill your water bottles. Therefore, a water filter is not necessary.

We can’t tell you which accommodations offer hairdryers or not. Better not to count on this, but is a brushing really needed to hike and wear a cap? 😚

All the huts along your way and the accommodations you will stay in, offer some vegetarian options. The bakeries all around have some vegetarian sandwiches as well. 

Vegan food isn’t the same. It is much more difficult to find interesting meals and we recommend that you carry some food with you to be sure you have something to eat. 

The outdoors, and above all the desire to share them with you, prompted us to create our agency in 2019. 

Our primary aim is to help you make the most of the extraordinary experience the mountains can offer. Whether you’re looking to recharge your batteries or challenge yourself physically, we’ve got the right activity for you! 

With passion, sharing and trust 🏔️

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