NUYAMA, The Outdoor Soul

Don’t ask yourself what Nuyama means! Nuyama is a meeting people, 3 outdoor enthusiats: Nuno, Yann & Marion ; “Nu – ya – ma”! the 3 of us driven by a deep love of nature and outdoor activities.

With different backgrounds and different characters, but with a strong will to share what the outdoors brought us in our lives, we created Nuyama not as another outdoor agency, but more as an outdoor university, an open door to new adventures.

With Nuyama, you will climb, hike, cycle, ride, ski, run.. with a guide or by yourself, as a group of friends or as a family, and we’ll make sure you enjoy your trip discovering your close environment from the little tiny plants to the incredible people around you, with fun and in the safest conditions of course.

Outdoor activities are a life teacher and Nuyama is willing to build the path to learn from it.

“It is not the mountains we conquer, but ourself” Sir Edmund Hillary,

Our values


Trust is a choice. Trust is a responsibility. Trust is the base for true adventures.

Trust is, from our office staff to our guides, our 1st commitment. We are talking about mutual trust that you and your guide must have in each other while walking on a narrow snowy ridge on the highest mountains or following our roadbook looking for your next hut.

Trust is the base for any true relationship and a key value at Nuyama.

Trust is a big responsibility. It involves respect, humble & honest communication. And with trust in each other you, we, will achieve unsuspected and unforgettable adventures & challenges.


We are passionate people, outdoors enthusiasts, committed to share with you our love for outdoor activities & its environment.

No matter if you’re an athlete looking for performance, a beginner willing to taste something new, or out for a  family trip, we are committed to make your adventure unique and unforgettable.

At Nuyama, sharing involves good & honest communication from the start of your project to the realisation of your outdoor experience.

Friedrich Nietzsche wrote :“A few hours' mountain climbing make of a rogue and a saint two fairly equal creatures. Tiredness is the shortest path to equality and fraternity — and sleep finally adds to them liberty.”
We feel it is quite a good definition of our “sharing approach”!


Our team is committed to make your trip unforgettable and safe.

Being committed is not just a word, it means that we are roped together, that we will live an experience together. It starts from our products or your inquiry and ends after a good day drinking a beer!

Our guides are professionals international certified and we organize workshops between us to share & improve our skills. Safety is of course the thing we will never compromise on. But our  commitment goes way further to make your adventure a lifetime experience.

We are committed to our community. We work with our partners to build the best products possible for you and for all of us. Together we are sometimes slower, but we will go further.

We are committed to protect our playground. No big noise about that, because we believe it is in our everyday little actions that we will deeply change and finally protect our environment. We are incredibly lucky, nature can teach us all what we need to know, if we can take the time to look at it sincerely. 


Nature is powerful and it is important for us to make you marvel at what you’ll see and live through our adventures.

Let’s be honest. In our modern world, having the time to slow down is a privilege. Believe it or not, we have a lot to learn, maybe re-learn to slow down and enjoy “just” a beautiful landscape.

Being outside provides deep emotions if you manage to listen to them.

The famous John Muir summed up the all thing in this simple little sentence:

“The mountains are calling, I must go!”

We want you to feel the strength of the nature surrounding us, feel the power and the serenity of a wonderful sunset on our minds and souls.