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The Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) is a hiking trail (GR), i.e. a long-distance hike, which takes place on medium-mountain terrain. The TMB route circles the Mont Blanc massif, describing a 170-kilometer loop and a total difference in altitude of 20,000 meters.

The Mont Blanc massif is a major mountain range that marks the border of three countries, France 🇫🇷, Italy 🇮🇹  and Switzerland 🇨🇭.

Tour du Mont-Blanc guidé

This natural obstacle has always highlighted regions that share a strong and authentic mountain identity. The cultural heritage is rich and the history of these territories is fascinating. The towns of Chamonix Mont-Blanc, Courmayeur or Martigny are among the must-see destinations of the Alpine arc.

The TMB is one of the most beautiful GR, and is therefore internationally renowned. This fame is well deserved and with each new season, it always brings as much emotion and pleasure to all its participants. The mountain offers an exceptional setting, the medium altitude and the high-mountain territories complement each other perfectly. The beauty of the landscapes is renewed at each stage, and offers the curious and contemplative hikers, the flavor of a sporting trip and the promise of a beautiful adventure.

By choosing our “Tour du Mont-Blanc Guided ” program, you can leave with complete peace of mind! Our guides are true mountain lovers, passionate about the mountain environment. They will tell you the history of this territory, allowing you to understand the prodigious dynamics that organize the life of a complex ecosystem, rich and in perpetual evolution. Leave reassured on the guided Tour du Mont-Blanc, you are safe! Taste the happiness of letting go to fully enjoy this unique environment.

Enjoy! 🥾

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We wish to help you discover the mountain environment, by exploring its specificities in order to better understand the prodigious dynamics that organize the bubbling life of a complex, ingenious, sensitive, pioneering and unique ecosystem. Because we are confident that the knowledge of this particular environment will allow everyone to become a privileged and responsible actor, by becoming a walker or a hiker, capable of keeping behaviors in phase with the mountain environment.

It is this wonderful mixture of life, emotions and knowledge that drives our passion that we wish to transmit and share with you. Conviviality, humor, mutual aid, sharing and dialogue are our strong values. We will be your natural mediators during our mountain excursions, we will take full advantage of this space rich in timeless values and discoveries.

By passion and with a certain form of engagement, our guided hikes are the promise of a true exchange, of an meeting with an extraordinary natural environment.

By definition, and as a reminder, the Mountain guide is a naturalist. His knowledge allows him to approach all the themes and interests of discovery of the mountain environment. He holds a state certificate in mountaineering and is a sports educator and teacher. He knows how to teach different types of people and supervises mountain outings with a permanent concern for the comfort and safety of the participants.

A GR is a long distance hiking trail. It is marked by two horizontal bands of the same size, one white above and one red below. These GR are hiking routes, lasting several days, which use trails (in mountain areas), if not roads, routes. The first trail was inaugurated in 1947 (the GR3 which connects Orléans and Beaugency). They are managed by the French Federation of Hiking (FFRandonnée). Today, no less than 369 GR trails cover the French territory.

Here are some of them:

  • GR 1: Tour of the Ile de France
  • GR 11 : Tour of Paris
  • GR 20 : through the Corsican mountains
  • GR 34 : Breton coastline (the customs officers’ path)
  • GR 54 : Tour of the Oisan and the Ecrins
  • GR 65 : The road to Compostela via Le Puy
  • GR TMB : Tour du Mont-Blanc

The Gr5, the most famous of them, is a long-distance trail, which crosses part of Europe, from Rotterdam to Nice, passing through Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. About 2 600km. Created in 1951.

The Grande Traversée des Alpes (GTA) is a segment of the GR5, which starts in the North at Saint-Gingolph and ends in the South, at Nice. It is a route of several weeks, which covers a distance of about 600km, 36 stages, 30,000 meters of positive elevation gain. Marking and naming in the 1970s.

The Via Alpina is a network of trails that covers all eight Alpine countries and aims to take up and continue the GTA spirit across the entire Alpine arc. Since 1999, the European Union has been developing and working on the project.

Hiking is a sport activity known for its virtues and benefits, both for the body and the mind. The mountain creates by definition a break in the horizon, and much more than a simple topographic accident, it becomes this so particular practice ground which gives to the hike a unique relief. This sometimes extreme environment will exalt passions, the taste for action and conquests for some, or the need for naturalness and authenticity for others. And because the mountain is a source of truth, ideal and knowledge, it will bring about unique and unforgettable emotions, exceptional moments of life and privileged moments.

Very often, the first experience brings its share of discoveries and surprises, contemplation and first learning are on the agenda. In a more insidious way, like a “Kiss Cool” effect, this first time has also nourished a need in itself, it has awakened a desire that must be satisfied and reactivated with each new season. And this is how the multitude of itineraries that are proposed through the Alps will animate your projects, your vacations with friends or family.

“Try it, adopt it!”